What’s in Store for the Eye Care Industry?

As eye-care related technology continues to advance, ophthalmologists are able to adopt more innovative but affordable tools that allow them to keep increasing the standards of the industry. Here are some of the trends sweeping the eye care industry.

Mobile Health Tools for Both Patients and Professionals

Mobile phones are increasingly a requisite for existence in the modern world, which is why it is no surprise developers have focused on using smartphones to improve eye care. Ophthalmologists now have access to cutting-edge tools that make for more accurate and efficient eye exams.

One example is Smart Optometry, which utilizes both Android and iOS devices to aid eye care professionals as the conduct exams. It can also be used by patients for eye therapy, and by other users to monitor their eye health. The eye care industry is therefore likely to see more practitioners adopt this new technology to assist their work.

Eye Care Wearables

Wearables have come a long way from merely tracking vital signs, with new devices now being used to help fix problems like eye issues. One example is the Smart Contact Lens, which has been the collaborative work of Google, Samsung and Sony, and Samsung.  The Smart Contact Lens contains an artificial iris that is meant to help people suffering from congenital illnesses and eye injuries.

Blue Products

Blue-light filtering products have the jump on sunglasses and sunwear in general. This trend has been strong since 2015, and 2019 is only going to see a further increase in these products. One reason behind the strength of this trend is the sustained willingness of eye care practitioners to recommend these

While the eye care industry will probably see slower growth this year, it is fair to say there’s plenty to look forward to in 2019! When it comes to making sure your eyes are free from debris, i-Chek™ Illuminated Eye Examination Mirror gives you the ability to see in ultra-high definition at high magnification. When you clean your eyes with i-Chek, it helps you ensure that your eyes, lids, and eyelashes are clean and free from potentially harmful household products.