Ways to Prevent Eye Infections from Makeup

Smooth eyeliner, lash-lifting mascara, and a colorful eyeshadow palette – unfortunately the cosmetics that define your look could cause some serious eye infections and allergies. While this won’t be an issue every time you use makeup, you can’t be too careful. Much like the way you take vitamins to prevent yourself health issues, there are ways to prevent eye infections from cosmetics.

Wash Your Face before Makeup Application

Washing your face before applying makeup is a simple way of keeping eye infections at bay. Also, before you start applying makeup, don’t forget to clean your eyelids properly. Be sure to avoid your lash line and eyes. This will make sure the oil glands in your upper and lower eyelids don’t get blocked.

Remove All Makeup Residue before Sleeping

While removing all your makeup after a long, exhausting day before of just dozing off tempting but do not skip this step. The best way to remove cosmetics is to brush a clean cotton swab along the base of your eyelashes to remove all makeup residue. Remember, not to let the eye makeup remover get into your eyes. You should also wash your eyelids afterward to assure all the makeup is gone.

Be as Delicate and Gentle as You Can

You should take extra care when you’re applying makeup around the eyes. Both the eyes and the skin around them are extremely sensitive and so always make gentle strokes.

By following these best practices, you can prevent eye infections from makeup. You can use the i-Chek™ Illuminated Eye Examination Mirror to examine your eyes up-close to ensure all makeup residues and debris has been removed before you go to sleep.

If you experience persistent eye irritation, you may have blepharitis. From one of the inventors of the first doctor’s treatment for blepharitis, The AB Max™ is a new advanced doctor’s treatment for Anterior Blepharitis*.  The AB Max™ offers the same forward and reverse functionality as our competitor, but also has a patented PULSE mode specifically engineered to remove even the most tenacious scurf and debris, while massaging the outer eyelid margins for better patient outcomes – at less than ½ the cost. For more information contact us at (800) 721-8006 or www.AB-Max.com.

*Anterior Blepharitis is blepharitis of the outer eyelid margin, including the eyelashes.