Using Boric Acid Eye Wash: the Pros and Cons

Itchiness and irritation of the eyes are a common problem. There are a variety of different reasons for the irritation in your eyes, such as the presence of foreign objects in the eyes, including debris or chlorine, eye allergies, dry eyes, viruses, or infections. In the majority of the cases, it is not an issue to be concerned about and can be treated with over the counter products. For minor cases of irritated eyes, a simple way to cure the problem is to use eyewashes regularly. There is a wide variety of eyewashes that you can find, and a lot of them contain boric acid as an ingredient.

However, using boric acid as an eyewash has its pros and cons. If you are thinking of switching to an eyewash that contains boric acid, it is best that you thoroughly educate yourself.

The Pros

Despite its ominous name, boric acid is safe for the eyes. There are several benefits of using eyewash products that contain boric acid as an ingredient, such as:

  • Antiseptic Properties: One of boric acid’s best features is that it boasts antiseptic benefits. It contains antifungal and mild antibacterial properties, perfect for preventing fungi or bacterial growth in the eyes.
  • Maintains the pH levels in the eyedrops: Boric acid acts as a buffering agent to maintain the pH levels in eyewash in case it encounters another acid or base.
  • Tonicity-adjusting agent: Boric acid acts as a tonicity-adjusting agent in the eyewash, which makes the eyewashes compatible with the eye. A mild concentration of boric acid in the eyewash makes it match the concertation of molecules of the eye.

The Cons

Boric acid-containing eyewashes are beneficial for the eye, but there could be side effects if these products do not suit the eyes of the person. In that case, boric acid in the eye may cause:

  • Blurry vision
  • Reduced visual quality
  • Sores around the eyes

If you observe any side effects after using eyewashes containing boric acid, you need to consult an eye specialist immediately.

While using boric acid as an eyewash can help itchy eyes, you still need to protect your eyes from outside irritants. The i-Chek™ Illuminated Eye Examination Mirror gives you the ability to see in ultra-high definition at high magnification to detect scruf and debris. 


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