Three Everyday Habits That Are Ruining Your Eyesight

Changes that occur in your eyesight over time are indeed out of your control. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t take preventive measures to secure and improve your eye health. There are so many habits that you’ve formed over the years that are impacting your eyesight every day without you realizing it. Here are three simple tips to follow:


One: Not Wearing Sunglasses

Excessive UV exposure can ruin your eye health by damaging the retina. This exposure may ultimately increase your risk of developing serious eye conditions, including cataracts and abnormal growths.

Therefore, it’s crucial that you wear UV-blocking sunglasses every time you step out in the sun. And if you wear contacts, make sure they offer maximum UV protection.


Two: Eye Rubbing

What do you do when you feel something in your eye? Do you try to rub it away? Well, you must know that rubbing your eye can cause the germs and bacteria to spread further and go deeper. Eye rubbing has been linked to permanent corneal damage such as keratoconus; a condition in which the cornea bulges out. The best way to get relief from irritated eyes is by using eye drops to flush out the eye.


Three: Staring at the Computer/ Mobile Screen

If you stare at the computer or mobile phone screen, you’ll note that your eyes will feel physically exhausted. When you put a strain on your eyes to read the text on the screen, your blink rate goes down as well as the tear production rate of your eyes. This reduction leads to tiredness and blurry vision. It’s also said that screen time may lead to irreversible deterioration of the retina.


Now that you know that these habits are harming your eyesight make sure you try your best to refrain from them. Live a healthy lifestyle to improve your eye health. After all, it’s a matter of your eyesight!


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