For many users, i-Chek™ is an integral part of their daily routine:

“At night, I check my lens and make-up removal to insure I’ve thoroughly cleaned my lids and lashes as blepharitis flare prevention.”

“As a scleral lens wearer, I use i-Chek™ religiously.”

“If I happen to forget my i-Chek™ when traveling I get a little panicked!”

“In the morning upon lens insertion, I use it to check for bubbles and then I check my lenses again after I apply my make-up to insure I’ve kept it all outside of my lids and that nothing is on my lenses.”

“My i-Chek™ helps me avoid wearing my lenses improperly and eliminates the chance of an air bubble moving into my pupil and affecting my vision at the wrong time.”

“Using the i-Chek™ keeps my eyes healthy and comfortable”

“As a scleral contact lens wearer I am beyond thrilled with the i-Chek™! This product is a God send and has helped me immensely, with the insertion of my scleral contacts. With the i-Chek™ I now can absolutely see if I have air bubbles.”

“I am truly grateful for the i-Chek™. Without this product it would be very difficult, if not impossible to wear my scleral contact. My i-Chek™ is indeed an essential part of my daily routine.”