Practice Good Contact Lens-Wearing Hygiene

Sleeping, swimming, showering, and wearing colored contact lenses are all activities that you should practice with caution to keep your eyes healthy. Here are why these common contact lens hygiene risks can cause harm to your eyes and health.

Sleeping with your lenses not only affects the amount of oxygen delivered to your eyes, but it can increase the chances of infection if the lenses have become dirty during the day. It is possible to scratch the cornea if you leave lenses in overnight, as you will not be conscious if they have slipped out of place. At best, overnight wear will likely cause irritation and discomfort. At worst, it could lead to a severe infection that could jeopardize your vision.

If you do accidentally leave your lenses in overnight, remove them as soon as you’re awake and put them in a cleansing solution to remove any dirt and bacteria. If your eyes feel sore and irritated, make an appointment with your optician to ensure that you haven’t damaged your eye or caught an infection.

Swimming and showering with your contacts is never a good idea. Most water sources, such as lakes, pools, and hot tubs, contain the microorganism Acanthamoeba. If found in your eye, Acanthamoeba can cause an extremely painful infection and potentially even lead to blindness. In addition, any natural bacteria living on the cornea can serve as a food source for the Acanthamoeba, enabling it to survive.

Wearing colored contact lenses to change the appearance of your eyes can be fun. However, they can have serious implications for your eye health. Many modern contact lenses have increased silicone content, which improves oxygen permeability. However, due to coloring, this is not true of cosmetic lenses and can lead to the chance of a blinding infection. Even if you don’t need prescription lenses, you should purchase colored lenses from a registered optician. Once you have them, never swap them with friends to limit the risk of infection. Also, be sure that they are adequately cleaned with the correct solution.

Remember, with i-Chek; you can perform a personal eye exam in ultra-high definition. i-Chek could help you discover any foreign bodies that may have gotten lodged in your eye by accident if your contact lens slipped. For serious contact lens injuries, consult your optician.