i-Chek™ stops misalignment and air bubbles when inserting contact and scleral lenses

Contact Lens

The application of contact lenses, especially scleral lenses, is challenging. Even with properly fitting lenses, many people have difficulty inserting lenses without slightly misaligning the contact lens, especially Toric lenses, or trapping air bubbles under scleral lenses.

Misalignment of contact lenses can decrease your ability to see properly by reducing visual acuity. Also, many scleral lenses wearers have difficulty seeing any dangerous air bubbles trapped under the lens, causing the corneal tissue to become dehydrated giving rise to dry, scratchy and irritated eyes.

The Patent Pending i-Chek™ Illuminated Eye Examination Mirror eliminates these issues and many others by giving you the ability to see any lens misalignments or entrapped air bubbles, up-close and in ultra high definition. Now you can see what you’ve been missing when you put in your contact and scleral lenses quickly and easily.

i-Chek An Absolute Necessity!

As a sclera contact lens wearer I am beyond thrilled with the i-Chek! This product is a God send and has helped me immensely, with the insertion of my sclera contacts. With the i-Chek I now can absolutely see if I have air bubbles. For those who wear sclera contact lens, air bubbles make it impossible to see and wear them with comfort. I am truly grateful for the i-Chek. Without this product it would be very difficult if not impossible to wear my sclera contact. My i-Chek is indeed an essential part of my daily routine.

—January 1, 2018 Amazon Review