Do you have a number of holiday parties or events to attend this season? Whether you’re looking to add a little something extra to your look or need tips for how to best blend your outfit ensemble and makeup, we have some cool and trendy ideas to share.

Dressing up and going out? Be careful not to match your makeup directly with your outfit. According to Allure Magazine, “matchy, matchy is tacky, tacky.” Busy outfits should be paired with neutral makeup. If your outfit has a lot of sequins or sparkles, do not wear sparkly makeup. Instead choose to create a cool smoky eye. You can create a smoky eye by first outlining the eye with a dark eye liner. Next smudge a matte color from your lid up to your brow, or as high as you would like the smoky effect to go. Also smudge a little bit under the eye with your finger. Get your eye lashes to pop with carefully applied mascara. First make sure your eye lashes are clean, and then apply the mascara. This will make your eye lashes appear thick and dazzling.

Choose to play up either the eyes or the mouth. If you choose to create a smoky eye look, it should not be paired with a bright red lip. With a dark smoky eye, a lighter lip looks glamorous. If you emphasize both, you will risk looking overdone.

After you’ve created the perfect holiday look, be sure you remove it properly at the end of the night to avoid the risk damaging your skin or eyes. i-Chek can assist by helping you make sure no leftover particles from your eye makeup get overlooked. By using i-Chek you can give yourself a personal eye exam in ultra-high definition and discover any small particles or foreign bodies from your eye makeup that may have accidentally fallen into your eyes. If you discover debris on the surface of your eye or inner eye lid, you can carefully wipe the particle with a small, damp, white cotton swab, tissue or cloth.