Best Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

We have many workout routines to keep our bodies healthy and fit, but we forget about one of the most important organs we have – the eyes! So, why not add some eye exercises to your daily routine? If your eyes are healthy, these exercises will help your eyes see better and feel better. Here are four of the best vision exercises.


This super easy exercise requires you to rub the palms of your hands against each other vigorously until they feel warm. Quickly place them over your eyelids so that the warmth transfers onto the eyes. You’ll instantly feel your eyes relaxing in the darkness as the muscle tension eases. Wait until the heat from your palms has transferred entirely and then repeat 2-3 times.

Quick Blinking

Choose a comfortable spot to sit and relax. Blink your eyes very quickly 10-15 times before closing them. Relax for a few seconds and then repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

Shifting or Rotating

This exercise involves rotating your eyeballs in all directions. Try to look at the right inner corner of your eye and then shift your focus in the opposite direction. This shifting exercise promotes the pumping of blood in your eyes, improving the health and activity level of your eye muscles.


The zooming exercise is excellent for shifting the focus of your vision. It involves allowing your eyes to zoom into an object. Sit in a comfortable position, then stretch one of your arms in front of you with your thumb up. Now, bend your arm and bring it closer to your face while keeping the thumb in focus.

These simple eye exercises, when repeated daily, can boost your productivity, help you get rid of headaches, and reduce your risk of developing a vision problem. And the best thing is that these require no more than a few minutes from your busy schedule!  

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